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“Stretch, Flex & Strength” prenatal fitness fusion

Next Class:
Wednesdays, 6:30pm-7:15pm
Jan. 22 - Feb. 26, 2014

Where: Nova Holistic Centre, 1345 Pembina Hwy

Length: 6 weeks

Cost: $70

This 45-minute yoga-inspired fusion class begins with a warm-up and lower body strength exercises followed by core strength work, flexibility moves for the release of muscle tension and ends with some gentle stretching.


Best of ... Indoor Stroller
Fitness class

Next Class:
Wednesdays, 9am-9:50am
Jan. 22 - Feb.26, 2014

Where: Maples CC,
434 Adsum Drive

Length: 6 weeks

Cost: $70

You loved the outdoor version, now you can keep enjoying the Stroller Moms stroller fitness program indoors! This 50-minute total body program includes warm-up cool down, cardio and muscle strengthening as well as core work.

Pre- and Postnatal Healthy Living Workshops

All workshops are baby and toddler-friendly. Toys for the little ones will be provided along with goody bags and coupons for all participants.

Mommy Muscles or “Who designed those bucket car seats anyway?”

Being a new mom can take a toll on your body. Suddenly you are lugging around a heavy car seat, lifting baby in and out of a crib and bending over a bathtub in impossible positions. What’s a mom to do? Building strength in your “mommy” muscles is a good start. And that includes your core. Moms will learn about exercises they can do at home and will leave with their own exercise program.                                                             

Monday, January 20/14   10am
Linden Woods Community Centre
By: Totally Fit Mom!


Sleep, oh sleep, where have you gone?

Are you struggling to get your child to sleep through the night or take restorative naps? Do you feel like sleep is a constant battle in your home which leaves you feeling frustrated and exhausted ? Do you wish there was someone who understood what you were going through? There is! Come hear Manitoba's only Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant from the Family Sleep Institute who helps parents with children ages 0-5 years of age.

Saturday, January 25/14   11am
North Kildonan United Church
By: Baby Sleep 101


Keeping the Balance – Postnatal Wellness, Health & Fitness

Keeping your physical and mental health in check after having a baby can be a challenge. This workshop focuses on those special "new mom" challenges and includes topics on the pillars of wellness, goal setting and behaviour change.  Participants will leave with their own exercise “contract”, SMART goals for themselves and ideas to bring sanity to this often chaotic time.

Monday, January 27/14   10am
Linden Woods Community Centre
By: Totally Fit Mom!


Find Your (post-baby) Style

In a time when our kids take up so much of our waking hours, how do you look put-together and in charge both at home and/or at work? Learn how to wear trends in an age- and occasion-appropriate way. Figure out your style and learn how to easily integrate new clothing and accessory items into your wardrobe while staying on budget.

Saturday, February 1/14   10am
Earl Grey Community Centre
By: TLC Shopper


Finding Your Perfect Fit or “My cups runneth over”

More than 70% of women wear the wrong size bra. Many factors go into determining whether a bra fits properly. Most women have never been fitted properly in the first place and very few have a clear understanding of the concept of bra sizing. A good fitting bra is especially important during pregnancy and postpartum. The topics covered include:

The importance of a proper fitting bra

What to look for when trying to determine if a bra fits properly

Common problems and possible solutions

Monday, February 3/14   10am
Linden Woods Community Centre
By: The Bra Bar


The In’s and Out’s of Vits & Supps

What’s safe and what’s not? No two new mothers are alike and body chemistry and health needs vary. Good nutrition along with recommended supplements can help ensure baby and mom are healthy. With so many choices out there, what’s a health conscious mom to do?

Tuesday, February 4/14   10am
Linden Woods Community Centre
By: Pure Fitness & Nutrition


Mommy Nutrition

Bringing a child into the world is an amazing and important decision and not only affects the health of the baby but the mother, too. Find out how to eat while you are pregnant, foods that are a must and foods that are a no-no as well as nutrition and dieting after baby is born and nutritional information for breast and formula feeding moms.

Tuesday, February 11/14   10am
Linden Woods Community Centre
By: Pure Fitness & Nutrition



Cost: 1 workshop = $18
          2 for $17/each
          3 for $15/each
          4 for $13/each
          5 for $12/each
          6 for $11/each
          All 7 for $69